White meat and your health

Raw freshwater fish

Is eating white meat better than red meat?

White meat is meat with lighter colored compared with dark meat. It contains high amount of nutrients and minerals, especially protein, and also low in fat. Poultry and fish are white meat, and pork is also considered to be a part in this group.

It was come from the nutritional experts that eating white meat is better than red meat for it contains more good nutrients and less amount of fat than other meats. This advice is believed true. However, like any nutritional food, white meat is only useful when the consumed amount be in limit.

In fact, poultry and fish (or other livestock) nowadays are mostly farmed by manufactured food in the farm environment, and the quality of meat from them tends to be reduced. That’s why we should find out carefully the origin of the food and plan to use them reasonably.

How much white meat is enough?

White meat includes poultry, fish and sometimes pork, so we should account them. In general, the total amount of meat consuming shouldn’t be over 150 g per day. In that total amount; poultry and fish are advised to be used than other meat. Although white meat is good but we shouldn’t eat too much for a meal or for a week. Poultry or fish are advised to eat around two-three times per week (each). We should always combine meat with vegetable and other food to get the balance.

How to use white meat in the best way?

For poultry, chicken and turkey are advised to use than the others. And the breast meat is considered better than other parts, for example the legs. Because chicken legs are the most muscle part of chicken and they are compared with the red meat. In cooking of this meat, boiling or stewing is more advisable than frying of grilling.

For fish, boiling or roasting is both usable. We shouldn’t eat raw fish, for it could contain harmful parasite to our health. Although some dishes with raw fish like sushi, fish salad are popular and are many people’s favorite dish, they are still not stimulated to eat. The cooked fishes are still better than raw. Some fish meat contains high level of hydragyrum (sword fish, mackerel, etc) and was not advised to use regularly, especially whom in pregnant.

The most important thing is that we should combine not only white meat but also food from animals in general with vegetable, fruits and other food. It could help us in creating a good meal, building a healthy body and maintaining the health in the balance.