Milk and nutrition

Milk and nutrition

Milk in which there is dairy milk and its products consumed popularly in all families in the world. Milk contains different minerals, vitamin and other nutritive value that is useful to human health. Everyone is advised to use milk, dairy milk and its products in balance for health thanks to the nutrition that they give.

In a brief listing, there are the nutritive factors that milk provides such as:


You want to have the healthy bones or do not face with the osteoporosis status, you should have milk daily. Calcium is needed to help the bones to be strong especially women who are in the time of menopause. That is the reason why we should consume milk to maintain bones health.


Milk is rich of potassium. This mineral may help to balance the blood pressure and be good for heart health. Beside potassium contributes to the absorption calcium.


Magnesium is also the mineral that contribute the absorption calcium. It is one of the important mineral to human body. And magnesium is a certain mineral contained in the milk and dairy milk of course.


Milk and dairy milk are rich of Vitamin B, thiamin, niacin, B6, folate, B12 and other vitamins. These vitamins are needed to the metabolism of food. In the dairy milk, Vitamin D is added into the products to help to regulate the phosphorus and calcium. It is also useful in the absorption of calcium.


Milk is considered one of the richest sources of protein in the food and liquid. Milk contains 20% whey that is useful to muscle and 80% casein that can help to increase the absorption of minerals.


All milks in which included dairy milk and milk products contain carbohydrate. In the milk, carbohydrate is about 4.9 % included lactose, monosaccharides and oligosaccharides. Lactose is derived to glucose and galactose that are good for health. They are useful in the hormonal regulation to contribute to muscle health and concentration.


Fat is important for health like any element of minerals and vitamins. It may help the process of metabolism to go smoothly. Each type of milk in which included dairy milk and milk products has different fat amount. So you may choose the right milk and dairy milk products that suit you to maintain.