Pumpkin seeds and story

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds today are arranged in the healthy seeds list. For diet plans or eating healthy plan, the seeds like pumpkin seeds are reminded usually. There are the tips for using, the reasons and evidences that convince you to consume them for health. Is there some moment you think or wonder about the time when they appeared and were consumed first?

When pumpkin seeds appeared and were consumed as food?

There is not much document where mentioned about the exact time when pumpkin seeds recognized as a type of seed as food and then it became one of the top seed types for human health. Talk about pumpkin seeds, it must be talked about pumpkin considered the core of the story.

Pumpkin appeared for very long time. It must be the period of 7000 BC to 5500 BC. This was the oldest evident related to time when the first pumpkin seeds were found in Mexico. This was the time when the seeds mentioned as a resource to rich the cultivation and crops but not as food. However this was also the evidence to convince us about the origin of pumpkin seeds where they were consumed as food firstly in the history of food.

So the first detail we can say about the origin and use of pumpkin seeds as food is from America. Look back to the history of culinary from this area, they have been used widely for a long time. Especially in the Native Americans life, they are very important. They are used as food and even medicine for cure.

Base on the culinary and the process of pumpkin in the history and some evidences related, it is believed that pumpkin seeds may be known and used from the period of 1300-1500 AD in South America. After that thanks to the trading and exploring the world by the explorers, the seeds were known gradually in Mediterranean, Eastern Europe, then India and some other countries in Asia.

Pumpkin seeds in the world today

Following the pumpkin, we may believe that the pumpkin seeds have also a very long way in using as food by human through the time although their way has been not have much noise to discuss about. The seeds must contribute in different aspects in human life in culinary, culture and cure. The clear evidence is today, the seeds are used widely day by day. There are also the researches related to pumpkin seeds with their benefits for human health and disease prevention.

Till this time America still the area is in the top of places where consume the pumpkin seeds in the most. The interesting thing related to pumpkin seeds’ production and consumption is that China is considered the top country about production but not any country in America.

The pumpkin seeds market is now very active. The trading is also considered one of the potential trading platform in the world today. There are many countries now join the trading related to pumpkin seeds such as India, Russia, Ukraine, Mexico and The US. There are 5 countries in the top of producing countries in the market included China, India, Russia, The US and Egypt. And the position of pumpkin seed producing in the most belongs to Illinois from The US.