Crabs and the innermost story of the time

Crab on the beach

Crab recipes are appeared in the seafood menu but they always in the quiet status compared with any seafood recipes to many people. This status is same with their story themselves from the olden days. They are silent part in human life but they have existed there and never gone.

Crabs from the ancient time

Behind the crab recipes are on our plate, there must be something to talk about this type in the seafood story. Belong to the crustacean family; the crabs are considered the one of the oldest group on the earth. The evident is proved by the fossil found out. The fossil related has its date from the Jurassic.

The crab group is rich in species, it is estimated several thousand varieties. They have any size and live in salt water, fresh water, terrestrial areas or semi-terrestrial fields from the tropical lands to the semi-tropical places in the world.

The crabs have the very long time of their life on earth and always still there near human but the consuming of crab meat was mentioned about a thousand year ago only with the legend from China. The legend told that the crabs at that time appeared as the clamping pest. They destroyed the crops, disturbed the famers in their work of harvesting and attacked them even. From these reasons, the famers boiled the crabs till they died. Randomly, the crabs attracted them by the good smell and bright red color, there was a courageous man who broke the crust of a boiled crab and tried to taste its meat. He found out the sweet on tongue and it was not serious. Seeing; other people tried to taste too. Since then, the crabs were not the clamping pest anymore. They became a source of food to the famers. They day by day were familiar in the famers’ meal.

Crabs today

Steamed crabs
Steamed crabs

It is seems that the story of the crabs and quiet and faded. It does not give truly the strong impression to most of us. The story is not attractive enough because the plot seems to lack the colorful status, interesting details or the ups and downs like different story of species in the seafood list or out of this list. However, crab meat always exists on plate for serving anywhere. From place to place where the seafood menu is offered, the crab recipes are supplied surely.

It is estimated there is nearly 2 million tones of crabs consumed per year in the world today. The leading countries where consume the crabs with the rich crab recipes such as Hong Kong, Japan, Canada, The U.S, France and Portugal. And there are the long list with typical crab recipes are used for serving such as crab cake, crab dip, crab soup, crab ice cream, crab Rangoon etc. Many crab recipes are an important part in cuisine as the local specialties that can make you to be surprised by their special taste although the story related to them is not much interesting.