Lobster – longeval creature


“The lobster” was one of the very favorite films in the beginning of 2016, if you concern about the movies, you are possible to be expected to love this film also. “The lobster” directed by Yorgos Lanthimos in 2015. And in the film, the lobster was reminded as a longeval creature that the main character who chose to be become in the case he could not pass through 45 challenge days without finding his partner.

“The lobster” gave different meaning in the aspects of modern life. The film also makes us to have some minutes to think of lobster in the literal sense. This sea creature has its interesting things that we do not know so much excepted the flavor in our plate sometimes.

Lobster is type of seafood which includes large crustaceans in Nephropidae family with claws and strong tails. They mostly have high nutrition and economic value.


Lobster in seafood store
Lobster in seafood store

In the seafood types, lobsters have the similar structure to shrimp but larger. They have long bodies, ten legs (which three pairs among them have claws and the first pair is mostly largest and strongest) and muscle tails. They are covered by a hard shell, which will be shed during their developed processes.

Lobsters have the antennules on their head, the longest ones act as sensor antennae to adapt themselves to the murky caves and environment in the seafloor where they live.

One special thing of lobsters is that they have blue blood. It is because of the hemocyanin (a protein which contains copper) by the oxidation will change the blood to blue. This characteristic is much like spider and snail.

Lobster food sources include fish, mollusk, warm, other crustaceans and some types of sea plant. They could also eat their own skin after shedding. It is also observed and believed that when the environment condition changes, especially the water temperature increases, some kinds of lobsters could even eat the younger lobsters also.

Lobsters could have average weight about 9kg and length about 25 – 50cm, but it had been acknowledged that 12kg even 20kg weight and 75cm to 90cm long lobster were known.

Lobster – longeval creature

Lobster and shrimp with rice
Lobster and shrimp with rice

Besides the size, weight and the blue blood, the lobster longevity is also amazing. They could live up to 100 years. They have developing continuously their size and weight by time without being weakened or reducing the fertility but kept increasing them. This could be caused by the specified telomerase enzyme which could repair the acting of telomeres (a part at the ends of DNA which protect the DNA from damages and mutation when it multiplied), make it long repetitively. As usual, the telomeres will be shorten after each multiplied time of DNA and be lost when the vertebrates get older and cause the old. But for lobsters, the long repetitive of telomeres by the enzyme has been maintained from young to adult ages. That is why they are mostly not aged.

Although the lobsters are hardened killed by the old, they could still be killed by other reasons like any creature in the natural environment. One of them is the death while they are moulting. Because the more large size lobsters grow, the more energy they need to shed. They could be exhaust during the moult process and die then.

As food

Lobster as an art in the plate
Lobster as an art in the plate

The lobster is known as a rich source of protein, minerals (as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and zinc) and low in fat and cholesterol.

The lobster could be joined in many recipes as soups, bisque and rolls or used directly after grilled or steamed. After being cooked, lobsters’ blue shell will mostly turn to orange. They usually served whole if grilled or steamed.

And the lobster is widely served in many areas and is considered as an expensive food in the menu around the world.