Types of seafood (part 2)

Grilled seafood on the beach

In part 1 of the seafood types, you may see two big groups that seafood market offers popularly. There are some types that we maybe knew or consumed. However there must be some names we have not been tasted. You can take a look at your local seafood market and may choose some from them to try.

And of course your local seafood market also provides other different types. They are such as some names mentioned in the rest group of popular seafood like abalone, whelk, periwinkle belonging to gastropod or sea nails group; octopus, squid, cuttlefish belonging to cephalopod group; shrimp, crab, lobster belonging to the crustacean group; seaweed and microphyte belonging to aquatic plants and microphytes group; and also other group aquatic animals

Related Crustacean

The creatures in this group are almost covered by a hard crust. This crust will be replaced by a new one suitable with crustacean body when they develop. Some smaller groups of crustacean that could be listed:

  • Shrimp: this is group of many species of small and slender crustacean. You may see this abundant type that the seafood market offers. Shrimps are almost stalk-eyed, ten-legged, and have long abdomen. Their legs are slender and they mostly swim, especially they could dart backward to avoid their enemies. The species of shrimp live widely from salt to fresh water. They are the very important food source to other aquatic animals. Some of shrimp species are very beautiful and are domesticated as pet.
  • Crab: the group of varieties crustacean with thick crust. It is also stalk-eyed and ten-legged, but the front pair of leg had been developed and become claws. Crabs move as a special way that is sidewise moving. Their varieties live widely in the oceans, freshwater and also on land. And of course you may see the seafood market provides us some good types from this group to give the tasty dishes.
  • Lobster: group of large crustacean, it is considered larger than most of crab and shrimp species. Lobsters are similar to shrimp but larger. Three in their five leg pair have claw, and among these three, the first pair on the front are strongest and could cut and crush. Lobsters also have strong tails. These marine animals usually live in the caves deep in the sea. They have high nutrition and economic values.
  • Krill: is like shrimp but small. It has grill and more legs than shrimp. The krill live in most of the oceans and are an important food source to other aquatic animals. They are also harvested to produce fish food, and extracted oil.

About the aquatic plants and microphytes

  • Seaweed: it is the groups of plants that grow in the marine or diadromous water. They could grow on the corals or the rock or deep in the marine. Seaweed is rich nutrient food source, especially popular in Asia. The seafood market in Asia supplies this type widely.
  • Microphyte: Are the groups of aquatic microscopic organism. They are other aquatic animals food source and also used for commercial purpose for both human and animals.

And other Aquatic animals

Beside varieties of aquatic animals that were mentioned, there are thousand of other aquatic animals which were used as food, but less popular. We could list out some groups from those.

  • Aquatic mammal: includes groups of marine whale, seal, dolphin and some other animals. Although they are still be hunted legally and their meat is used as food in some areas, the consumption in the world is reduced much now. For these animals are considered closely to human, especially children, people tend to protect them from hunting and consuming.
  • Aquatic reptile: this is the groups of reptiles that have fully or semi aquatic life. They include turtle, crocodile, iguana, and sea snake. Among these, turtle and crocodile are considered as food more than the others. However, except the crocodiles that are hunted for commercial consumption, these other animals are protected by the law, and illegal for hunting, especially iguana and turtle. And in some countries, the seafood market offers crocodiles that come from the farms mainly not by hunting.
  • Echinoderm: it is the groups of aquatic animals that have no head and vertebrate, their skin is spiky. They mostly live in ocean not freshwater. Some types of echinoderm that are used popularly are urchin, sea cucumber, and starfish. Urchin and sea cucumber are delicacies in many countries. They are mostly harvested by divers. In the sea market in China, sea cucumbers are supplied widely. There are the sea cucumbers even farmed for commercial consumption. These sea animals are considered as natural recruitment food especially in Asian countries.
  • Jellyfish: this is one of the oldest aquatic animals. Their bodies are soft and jelly-like, and also umbrella-shaped or bell-shaped. Different species of jellyfish could have different color. Their long tentacles could sting to catch the prey. There are many types of jellyfish that live in every ocean, and some in the freshwater. Some types of jellyfish are offered by the seafood market because they are used as food in many countries in Asia as China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand… and other countries in the world. But there are toxic jellyfish that are dangerous to human, some types of Box jellyfish and Cuboza could be deadly.
  • Others animals: besides the animals that are mentioned, there are many other sea creatures that are use as food depend on the countries culture.

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