Basil – the name of herb used in art and culture

Thai basil

Herb brings the fragrance and it may contribute the dishes to be more delicious. Not only in the culinary, herb has been used in traditional medicine for a long time. And in the art and culture it may convey some deep meaning for something. In a small part of life, herb is also a main factor that helps to create the inspiration in writing and basil is an typical example.

You may see it through the works with title named basil such as famous novel named “Basil” in 19th century by Wilkie Collins or the well known story named “The Basil and Josephine Stories” by F.Scott Fitzgerald in 20th century that to be interested by many people.

In reality, basil is not the only herb for inspiration in writing however it must be to impact somehow to the writers who named the herb for their works. It is very interesting if we think about them like that. The events like this remind us with some questions or wonders that where did come from basil. Where is the origin of it and how does it to be useful in our life in more detail. What is the special thing from basil to impact to writers who lend it to name for their works. And if you have the questions like that, this topic may help you to answer some.

The origin of basil

Basil is one of the important herbs in the herb list. It is considered to have the origin from Asia by some researchers but widely it is considered to appear in India and Africa also. This herb is same with many other herbs in the herb list in generally. It had been used from the ancient time as a natural medicine in cure and a great herb to make the dishes to be more attractive with its fragrance.

Some notable things related to basil

There are different basil types and it is count out more than 50 types of basil but there are two main types of basil are concerned in the most. They are Thai basil and sweet basil. Thai basil is one of the main herbs of the herb list in eastern dishes while sweet basil is used popularly in European dishes.

Basil with charming in appearance and fragrance, it is choose as a symbol for many things in different places. Two of most popular symbols from basil that impress many people such as icon of hospitality in India or symbol of love in Italy.

In general, the main advantages from basil is easy to recognized such as special aroma, lovely leaf shape and beautiful flowers. These things impacts strongly to people in emotion and taste. That is reason explained why maybe basil is selected as a icon or symbol or title in art and culture.

In the traditional medicine, basil is still used as a useful factor for reducing fever, tooth pain and stomach pain. In the modern medicine, following the researches about basil with the source of vitamins and minerals contained such as Vitamin K, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, manganese, iron, calcium, folate, magnesium, etc; basil is continuously proved as a factor giving health benefits. The values that this herb may offer such as anti inflammatory, advantages for cardiovascular and some other effects.