Spices and story


Spices are an important part of our life in different aspects. If herbs are the leaves and green parts of the plants, they are consisted of the rest parts with seed, root, fruit etc. They help to increase the flavor of dishes and are used as an element in medicine or cosmetics. And they even appear in the religious ceremonies in some areas in the world.

In the human history

Generally they have a long story to tell us with interesting details. Look back the beginning of time, the fresh meats were hidden under the leaves of the bushes and they were stored longer than usual. The hiding was considered an accidental discovery of the ancients and it became the first step for using them in the human history. However in the beginning, spices and herbs were not in the clear line till the time the dry leaves, roots, seeds gave the more pleasant. Spices were used increasingly and then became a separated part from herbs.

Spices were mentioned in the Bible. And they were used as an important ingredient to increase the food flavor, also an element in medicine in the ancient time in Egypt, China, India, Greece and Arab for thousands of years. The first spices were mentioned in the history in those areas such as turmeric, anise, myrrh, ginger and pepper. They were used in Europe in the middle age with one of the most popular spice was pepper. And they were used in America from the 17th century. In the end of 18th century, United States started the spice trade in the crowded world.

In the human history, there was the peak time of spices trade in 15th to 17th centuries. They in this time were used strongly in all areas from Asia to the Middle East and Europe.

And today

From the ancient time till now, spice trade has moved up and down but it has not been in quiet. The producing and consuming spices are still there with ups and downs of their own. Following some news and reports updated, there are nearly 10 million tons of them produced and traded annually with India is considered the leading country in this production.

Reality, we cannot ignore that they do play very important role in our life in different aspects. They are consumed through the world with the trading that does not stop. They are still the wonderful ingredient to increase food flavor, renew dishes with creation and flexible combination. Beside the important element in medicine has been not changed. They contribute to production of cosmetic also.

It is like any ingredients of foods, spices are strongly interested with the benefits that they bring to human life in culinary and health and economy. And for the future, it is guessed that the important role of them to human life is not changed.