Kola nuts

Kola nuts

Healthy nuts consist of at least 7 typical nuts that are useful to your health but not kola nuts. You may wonder about this nut type if it is in the list of healthy nuts. The reality, kola nuts are not mentioned as much as other nuts in food using. However the kola nuts are interested by the other fields with their special value.

If the healthy nuts show you clearly about the nutrients in food using, kola nuts are not. They are although still mentioned mostly as an element of medicine or as an element in soft drinks. Kola nuts contain caffeine and they may help people who can restore their strength, reduce the hunger, the thirst. They also help people to prevent some disease typically such as dysentery.

Kola nuts and story

As any type of nuts and seeds, kola nuts have the certain typical features related to human history. It is considered that kola nuts were used in the ancient time but in some areas in the world. They were not used in the widen area in the world such as other nuts or seeds or grains. However, they influenced certainly to people living in the area where the kola plant existed.

In the 19th century, the first time in the history, kola extract was combined with other elements to become the first cola soft drink. The person who marked this event was a pharmacist in Georgia. This very famous detail is always reminded in the story of kola nuts for years.

Furthermore in the war time in the past, it was said that kola nuts were used by the soldiers on African battlefields because kola nuts may help them to be stronger, reduce thirst status and prevent the dysentery.

Related to culture

Kola nuts are mentioned popularly in West African cultures. They play very important role in traditional spiritual life of people living here. Kola nuts are presented in most of life events of them such as naming ceremonies, ancestor veneration, weddings, funerals and many other events.

Typically in Nigeria where the kola plants strongly grow, kola nuts are considered the symbol of hospitality, friendship and respect.

Kola nuts today

Kola plants are grown now in West Africa and Central Africa. The main areas for kola plants are in Nigeria, Ghana. They are also grown in some places else such as India, Brazil and Jamaica.

Broken down the boundary from West Africa and Central Africa or the limit in local religious ceremonies, kola nuts today are mentioned increasingly and broadly by their benefits to human health. Of course the raw kola nuts or kola nuts products are advised not to use frequently and excessively because there are maybe the disadvantages created in the consuming that may harm the health.