What is kale?


What is kale? It is possible to be known by some people but some are not because kale is one of the vegetables not familiar with all.

If you are in the same case with your wonder what is kale, this article may be useful a little bit to you. Kale is a member of cabbage family which is specified by the large deep green leaves. It is also considered as a type of super food for the nutrition content and is used widely in varieties of dishes especially in Europe.

What is kale look like?

Kale consists in two forms: smooth and curly kale. The smooth kale has smooth leaves and the other has crinkle leaves. The kale leave is mostly dark green, but the green leave with purple midrib and stalk is also known.

The leaves with long stalk will grow from the straight stem and we could harvest the leaves only or the plant wholly. Usually, the leaves will be harvested and the stem will be let to continue to grow for the next harvesting.

As food

Kale is very rich in nutrients such as vitamin (A, B, C, K…), fiber, protein, minerals (phosphorus, potassium, calcium, zinc…), antioxidants…and joined popular in the dietaries of many people.

This vegetable has a distinct strong taste, both buttery and bitter slightly. It is also a little crispy and tough after cooked.

Kale is popular in culinary and could be joined to numbers of dishes from soups, salads, snacks, casseroles to smoothies.

How to cook kale

After harvesting, we should remove the tough part of the stalk. We could then use the whole leaves or chop them to cook. Commonly, the time of cooking this vegetable is about 2-3 minutes (except the stews).

We could combine kale with onion, garlic and olive oil. After stir fried quickly in few minutes, we could enjoy freshly.

Kale could also be joined raw in salads, too. With strong flavor, when combined to other ingredients and sauces especially mustard, the taste of the salads with kale will be increased much.

Besides, kale is also possible to make snack by baking with olive oil and a little amount of salt. The kale snack is also available at the store but we should check the ingredients carefully before putting them in our pack.

In some areas, beside the main dish in the meal, kale is simply boiled or stir fried without combining any other ingredients, and is used with fish sauce or soy sauce with rice.

And now you must know a little bit about kale. The question “what is kale” is not so strange with you any more. This vegetable is not for stirring, boiling, frying but it is also widely combined with other fruits, herbs and vegetables in making smoothies which is believed efficient in dietary.