Fried silkworm pupae with lime peel – medicine and challenge

Fried silkworm pupae with lime peel

In diabetic recipes of Asian people, silkworm pupae are considered one of the effective ingredients. Beginning with the good flavor in the dishes, silkworm pupae and then have become more popular as a certain ingredients in local food.

It is said that silkworm pupae are same with many insects that cooked in Asian cuisine. However they have special effects related to treatment of diabetes and lowering blood pressure. Last some years from China there are studies related to the effects of silkworm pupae to diabetes type 1. And there is the hope that with the effective factors from silkworm pupae, they help in the drug manufacturing to contribute to the treatment of diabetes better.

You may see that the diabetic recipes are rich but there are not much the recipes with the challenge as silkworm pupae mixed lime peel, because for many people this food is not easy to consume. Reality, there are people who accept the challenge and try it as a natural value medicine. They can face and they may overcome the fear of an exotic food with an uncomfortable ingredient. If you have some look to human life through the time and some features related to cuisine, it must not to be fear at all. There are some TV shows in some countries; there are different dishes with insects and silkworm pupae as ingredients. People can consume for survival, because of experiences, by taste and for health. So, fried silkworm pupae with lime peel may be a medicine with the strong challenge but you may try it sometimes.

As a snack popularly in some countries in Asia such as Korea, China, Japan, India, Thailand and Vietnam, you may conquer fried silkworm with lime leaves if you have your journey to these places. Especially in Korea, this food is served widely with the local name is Beondegi. They have also the canned silkworm pupae like beans and peas, so consumers may buy them from the stores and fry them at home. It is not same in other places, mostly there are the fresh silkworm pupae which are fried locally and they are served immediately without silkworm pupae canned.

The diabetic recipes such as the fried silkworm pupae recipe are a very simple. They challenge whom who eat not whom who cook because the ingredients in the recipes are simple and the way of cooking is easy too. In the recipe of fried silkworm pupae with lime peel, the lime peel in julienne is replaced lime leaves or lemon leaves as popular recipe of fried silkworm pupae because we have no always fresh lime leaves or lemon leaves at home. Lime peels are more available although they give the bitter a little bit; they may also contribute the flavor to the dish. Beside they give the different benefits to our heath. Citrus peels in which lime peels are good for health generally. They may help to reduce the level of oxidative stress and give the certain benefits in the preventing and fighting some cancers.

Prepare and cooking time: 15’

Serve: 2

  • 100 gr of silkworm pupae
  • Pinch of salt (about 1/3 teaspoon depend on your taste)
  • Lime peel (julienne)
  • 1 teaspoon of cooking oil or olive oil
  • ½ teaspoon of lime juice (optional)
  • Clean the silkworm pupae and let them dry
  • Heat a pan, add the oil and then add silkworm pupae. Fry quickly with high heat for 7-10 minutes.
  • Add salt as your taste. Turn off the stove. Let the silkworm pupae to be cool a little bit, add a part of lime peel and mix up.
  • If you love some sour flavor, you may also have some lime juice additionally now.
  • Spoon the silkworm into the plate or dish. Decorate the dish with the rest part of lime peel julienned. Enjoy.
For note: 
  • To reduce the bitter from the lime peel, you may lightly squeeze the peel and then soak them into the water added a pinch of salt for 5-7 minutes. After that take them out, let dry and then julienne them.
  • Sipping a little of rice wine while enjoy fried silkworm pupae with lime peel, you will enjoy food with interest.