Eggs – varieties, using and storage

The egg

The egg is very important in culinary commonly by the rich nutrition. In the world today the egg is arranged in the list of products consumed strongly. Separately, there are several tens of billions of chicken eggs are served each year in The U.S. It has not counted other countries that are in the top of places attached with egg consumption generally.

You may see the point that the huge of egg consumption is the sign to prove the advantages of the egg to people’s health in many aspects. Although it is warned the egg may cause risk of some diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, cholesterol increasing but the need of using of this food has no sign to be decrease. It is same with other type of food, the egg has two sides within advantages and disadvantages. The key here is how to use egg in the good way to protect out health and use all the benefits that it can bring to us. So there are some short part related to using and storage of egg that may be useful to you.

The varieties

Firstly we may see again the interesting story about chicken and egg. It seems to convey additionally an important meaning as the role of egg in our life. Long long time eggs were an element in culinary and they have been used because the rich source to health by the plentiful nutrients contained. Throughout the long journey in the history and culinary, the variety of eggs was changed too. There are now different eggs are used in cuisine in different level and cooking ways more than in the past days.

However, the egg is reminded as food mostly bird eggs. The types of egg are rich with quail egg, chicken egg, duck and goose egg or ostrich egg etc. Beside in the varieties, there is also the fish egg (or called different name as roe) with different types are mentioned in the egg list as a rich nutrition to human health.

Using and storage

In the list of egg, chicken egg is most used. There are different ways of cooking related to the egg such as scrambling, frying, boiling, omelet etc. It is easy to combine egg with many ingredients in food. And especially they are used popularly in processing confectionery and making cakes.

Mentioned to the storage of egg, if you cook as soon as you take them from the store, you may keep them at room temperature. However in the case you want to keep longer, do not through away the carton contained eggs because it helps to protect egg. And you should keep them in whole in the fridge within the time expressed for date to avoid the absorption of odors from other foods or the damage status.

The raw and fresh egg gives the best flavor as soon as taking from the stores. You may keep them in the fridge more than a month but you are always advised to use them before date. Depend on the status of eggs such as type, size; whole egg or separated, the time for storing is different.

  • The white or yolk separately is kept within 2 – 4 days.
  • The egg cooked may be kept in fridge within 3-4 days.
  • And the pickled egg may be kept with a month.

For safety

The egg is considered one of objects attached with the contamination. There are in the world different serious disease related to this contamination from birds commonly and eggs separately. So it must be careful in the process of preparing and the attention on cooking way to protect your health. And there are some useful notes for you as below:

  • You are advised not to use raw egg because the raw egg is the risk of infection.
  • The clean eggs should be chosen and the cracked eggs or the egg out of date must be removed.
  • Keep the fresh eggs in right way and use them before date.
  • Clean your hands and clean with antibacterial soap if it is possible after shelling eggs immediately and then cook continuously. This step is obviously safety to protect your hand from the bacteria attached with the white eggs if it sticks to your hands.
  • Cook eggs in the appropriate heat to ensure they are safety for you to eat.

You are also advised to consume not over than 5 yolks per week because the yolk contains cholesterol and saturated fat that may cause of raising cholesterol and risk of some disease such as heart disease and diabetes type 2. It is better if you use the white egg more than the yolk and an egg in medium size for a day is the best.