Beef – the farm to plate


Red meats included beef are attached with different complicated topics. These topics mention mainly about the disadvantages of consuming red meats in our life. Despite of the recommendations, warnings and reasons to be given for calling to limit in using red meats, beef is still one of the food type consumed strongly in many countries in which there is the U.S

In some aspects we may consider the red meats included beef in different way such as:

Related to consumers, they have been used commonly in eating habit and favorite. There are some people ignore the warning but some fall into the fear of using or consume them including beef with worry.

Related the farms and producers, they still maintain and find the way to gain more effectiveness in their work with confidence and determination.

Related to studies of nutrition for human health, there are the evident given to persuade even to warn consumers. They should and they need to limit using red meats included beef because there are so high risks caused cancers and come serious diseases by consuming them.

From the farm to our plate

It is true that from the farm to plate related to beef, there are so many interesting stories if you concern. As mention above, there is the close relationship between consumers and providers related to red meats commonly and beef separately with or without our admission. You may see the scale of cattle farms anywhere in the world. These farms provide the fresh milk and then for a long list of milk products. They also offer the huge volumes of raw and fresh beef for scattered consumption anywhere.

And look at our kitchen; our table then our plates, we may see the rich recipes with beef almost appear steady because of our interest, favor and deliberation of nutrition even when we are submerged in the worry for health.

Normally, the route of beef from the farm to our kitchen and then our plate is so close. It is true and it is like that because beef is the amazing source for protein, vitamins and minerals. The beef gives people the good source for health, gives them nutrition for recovering and makes them to be satisfied in taste. It is estimated the beef consuming today is very popular only after chicken and pork regardless it is red meat.

History of consuming beef

It is said that consuming beef happened from the ancient time although there is not the exact conclusion in hundred percent about the time of consuming red meats by people. However there are different evident from archeology and studies related food using in human history, give the common and obvious words that from the time of domestication of animals and cattle, the consuming red meats became so strongly especially when the livestock had been increased in scale. And then there are different lines of selection from cattle for meat and milk through the time. The cattle farms develop with certain purposes base on these criteria.

From the route of beef in the beginning, beef was existed there. It has been attached with the development of agricultural economy and society needs.

Some pauses and limit in consuming beef

For consuming beef, of course there are some pauses and limits appeared. The typical point was the time when the world faced with the mad cow disease from 1984. It was also called bovine spongiform encephalopathy in short writing as BSE. This was considered the crunch time for beef that strongly effected to livestock and consuming. Since that time till now on, there have been many events related to this problem, even the beef import ban are issued in some places or some strict food laws are established, reformed and supplemented.

One more aspect of limit in consuming beef is related to belief and religion. You may know bovines are the scared symbol in Indian culture. The milk source and milk products are important for them, the cattle are in the ideal status so killing cattle or eating beef are not permitted. Beside to people who are in Orthodox Christian, Christian or Judaism, they obey the general law which is not to eat meat in which red meat and beef of course in the Lent.

Countries in the top with using beef

Although beef is in the list of red meats advised not to use too much, the percentage of consuming also the producing increase continuously. There are 3 countries where consume beef in the most such as The U.S, Brazil and China. For consumption per capita, the mentioned countries are Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil. And the top countries in exporting beef are The U.S, Brazil and Australia.

Consuming beef today and science for health

As mentioned in the article red meat and your health, you may see there are the advantages and disadvantage attached with meat consuming. Although there are two sides in meat consuming but there are studies proved the dark side to warn people for their health and benefits. It is easy to understand the situation that the science develops with non stops for people with authentic arguments of good nutritive aspects that help people who stay healthy and live longer.

However, in reality, related to consuming commonly, there is no sign to show the decrease of consuming beef in the world today. So there is more and more the warning related to consuming red meats included beef is the limit and even stopped using them to protect the health. There are more and more studies that try to give the evident proved red meats included beef are caused cancers. If we are not using them smartly, they just lead us to the brink of serious illness which we should not underestimate.

Inflexible combination between parts

Red meats included beef are important to our life. It has been happened from the ancient time.

Red meats included beef are still an important in producing meats commonly. They are still continuously a part of agricultural development in countries.

So we may have no strong power enough to kick red meats included beef off our life in just some days even some years. This is the truth that we have to admit and cannot dismiss. The best solution is that it should be the useful guidelines related to consuming them to reduce the risk and limit diseases.

To be a smart consumer, you should try to gain the balance and doing the right way in using meat commonly, red meats separately and beef specially. This is the best way to help you to prevent the risk of diseases.