Red meat and the list


Red meat list in 2015 was one of the hot topics related to human health. There were many articles existed with the hope to kick red meat off out life because it may be arranged in the list of food caused cancers. A year but it was long time because there were the studies with the evident convicted red meat in the danger circle. It should be warned to consumers to change the way of using red meat list in the best way to health.

So what we should do to gradually change our habit that consume red meat list so much and so long? This is a real challenged question to all of us. However it is not the dead end; while still there the timely adjustment from us now.

Understand rightly about red meat

If you are in the fear of red meat list and its risk, try to be calm first. There is some detail related to red meat that needs you to reconfirm. In the good side, try to look at the positive aspects of the red meats. They are considered the wonderful source for protein and mineral. It is found out in the red meat the plentiful and value mineral such as iron, zinc, phosphorus. It is rich in lipoic acid considered the strong antioxidant. And there are different useful vitamins that red meat contained. In this advantage side, you may see that we cannot ignore the role of red meat in our life.

However from the name of red meat also called the dark meat, we may recognize also there must be the dark side of this food type literally. The word dark meat seems as if an implication of the risk contained. Ironically it now is seen as a real and obvious thing when there are a growing number of scientific studies that indicate the bad side or disadvantage of consuming red meat. In this situation we should look into the fact that red meat can actually cause unwanted risk related to our health if we do not understand clearly, rightly and use it properly.

So understand rightly here – how is it? In short words we should admit the value that red meat can bring to us. In the other hand we should have to accept the bad side of red meat and try find the way for more appropriate solution. It is better than we try to criticize or kick it off our life.

In the medicine, you can see the symbol with a snake wrapped around the cup, and then the red meat is in the same.

Use the right way

Solving problem related to our thinking and our ideas about red meat, we can consider the using of red meat list right way. There are different rule to remember in your consuming red meat, but it is the mention in the article of red meat and your health with some main points related to avoiding risks of consuming red meat list, it is easier for you to handle the main points again in using as below:

  • Consume not more than 300gr of cooked weight red meat per week
  • Limit using processed meat
  • Cook safety the red meat in 1450F at least (more than 63 C degree) and enjoy after 3 minutes at least. Beside each type and each way in cooking request different appropriate temperature, try to handle it.

Smart choice

The points related to your choice are so important. You use rightly but without right choice, it cannot help you to limit the risk, so:

  • Choose the reputable butcher shops where can offer you the fresh and good red meat, also the condition from here for storing red meat assuredly.
  • Choose the good and fresh red meat.
  • Try to use the red meat by the sell by day. If not you should prepare of freeze the red meat right way.

Red meat list for you to review

It is called the red meat for mammals and meats from hunting base on the myoglobin contained in them. However reality, there are the typical red meats in the list consumed popularly and you may review such as:

  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Lamb
  • Veal
  • Sheep
  • Duck
  • Goose

In culinary, the meat from the young pig is considered white meat, it is the same case for lamb and veal. In common, pork is considered the best in the red meat list. In some countries and in many cases the pork is arranged in the white meat list.

Processed red meats

Attached with raw red meat for consuming by cooking in different ways, there are many type of processed red meat existed today. The most common processed red meats are such as:

  • Bacon
  • Ham
  • Hot dogs
  • Sausages in different types
  • Salami
  • Pepperoni

There are many harmful elements found out in the processed red meat caused risk of cancers. So you are advised to limit the consuming processed red meats because some element such as nitrates and nitrites etc contained in them may be converted into nitrosaminers caused cancer.