Red meat and your health


Is red meat good or bad for your health?

We know that red meat contains the needed nutrients to our health, especially teenage and whom in pregnancy. Those nutrients could be listed are: protein (high content), iron, creatine, zinc, phosphorous, vitamin B and other nutrients. However, only when we use it adequately, it will be good for our health, otherwise, it could cause bad affection.

Commonly, base on some words related to topic red meat and white meat, we may see that red meat is like any other food source, has two sides positive and negative. Our mission is to use it reasonably to increase that positive side and reduce the negative one.

To know how to do that, let find out two ways of effect of it when we use.

The advantages

It is rich of nutrition obviously. We could list out some important nutrients:

  • It contains the richest source of protein in the food source, which joins in every parts of our body (except gall and urine).
  • It has vitamin B12, an important nutrient to our health, especially whom is pregnant.
  • It contains linoleic acid which is very helpful in preventing cancer.
  • It is rich of omega-3, which is joined in the development of eyesight and the brain.
  • It is a source of zinc which is helpful in increase the immunity and reducing the ageing.

Although a source of some very important nutrients, it could also hide list of risks to human health.

The risks

It could bring numbers of bad affection to us if it is eaten too much, or processed in wrong way. Some popular risks that were pointed out:

  • Cancer: eating too much red meat will increase the risk of getting cancer, especially high rate of colon, breast and prostate cancer.
  • Heart attack risk: the regularly red meat eating increases cholesterol in blood and so, heart attack risk would be increased too.
  • Diabetes: it also increases the risk of being diabetes especially pregnant women.

There are must be other risks caused from it, and they are kept being researched by the scientist around the world in order to help people to reduce the hazardous when using this food. Meantime, we could use this food source reasonably as the experts advising.

Avoiding risks

To avoid diseased risks when using it, we could consider some popular advises from the experts and researchers:

  • We shouldn’t consume over 300-500 g red meat (with less fat) per week, and over 100-150 g per meal.
  • It shouldn’t be grilled directly or by roaster, but boiled, stewed or fried with olive oil.
  • Replace adding salt by other spices like pepper, chilly, garlic, wine and lime juice.
  • Cook it as the temperature under 150oC, avoid making the meat burned, and avoid eating burned meat too.

In a word, we should have a reasonable regimen, not only for it, but also for foods in common. The reducing of acid foods like red meat, possessed foods and the increasing of alkaline foods like vegetables, fruits will be very helpful for us to become healthier.