Fermented milk and benefits

Breakfast wih yogurt

Fermented milk is one of the types of milk products that consumed popularly. It is used in different ways such as enjoying for fun, eating for health and combining with many ingredients to make dessert or salad etc. It is found out the rich benefits that fermented milk can contribute to human health for centuries.

Fermented milk is called also cultured milk products and some other name in the same meaning. It shows the addition of lactic acid bacteria to make the milk falls into the fermentation. From the original source as milk liquid in which there is the rich nutritive value, fermented milk and fermented milk products provide also the abundant benefits to human body. And you may find out these benefits such as:

  1. Alternative choice for lactose intolerant individuals

Not all people who can consume milk liquid as usual if they have lactose intolerance. And the cultured milk is considered one of the great alternative choices for their health. The beneficial bacteria help the tolerated process of lactose to be better. It limits the diarrhea, bloating and allergy.

  1. Against gastrointestinal infection

    Dessert with yogurt
    Dessert with yogurt

The good bacteria contained in the fermented milk can help to prevent the risk of diarrhea and intestinal disturbances caused by harmful bacteria in food. Using the cultured milk is same with the natural medicine that gives the positive effects to intestinal health.

  1. Against some cancers

There are the studies concluded that fermented milk products such as butter milk, yoghurt etc may help to prevent the risk of breast cancer. They even help to suppress the initiated cancer. Beside the fermented milk is effective to intestinal health so it of course is a positive element that contributes to protect against the risk of colon carcinogenesis.

  1. Reduce the constipation

Any age who has to face with the risk of constipation if there is always the imbalance between alkaline and acidic food consumed. Beneficial bacteria contained in the fermented milk may help to reduce even protect against the constipation effectively in the case the fermented milk is used regularly.

  1. Effect to weight

Instead of using the milk liquid or some other products from milk with high fat amount, consuming cultured milk products is wonderful solution during the weight loss or weight maintenance.

  1. Reduce the stress situation

Cultured milk is rich Vitamin B and essential amino acids. They help the body to maintain the energy. So consuming fermented milk in the appropriate amount will help you to gain the balance in the bustle life.

  1. And other effects to human body

Cultured milk products are rich in calcium, phosphorus and other minerals also vitamin contained. They are very helpful in different aspect such as contributing to bones health, muscle function, bright skin and also the healthy eyes for good vision.