Garlic – a spice makes our dishes to be more attractive by specific aroma


In our kitchen and in the spices list, garlic must be one of the most popular spices. The sweet aroma from the tiny garlic cloves could increase the taste for dishes. They also easily attract us to the dining-table. For Asian cuisine, garlic is also very popular in making many types of sauce.

In the spices list, garlic or allium sativum is a member of onion or allium genus. It is native to centre Asia and was known to consume for thousands years ago. It was used popularly from the Mediterranean to Asia, Africa and Europe.

Garlic plant is bulbous type. A garlic bulb includes many cloves. Each clove could be grown to be an individual garlic plant. The plant is suitable with mild climate and could be grown around the year. Garlic plant could be cultivated in the ground or containers. For planting in the cold weather, garlic should be planted at least six weeks before the soil becomes freeze to avoid damage. When the garlic bulb is completely formed, its scape will be removed and all the energy will be focused to the bulb. This scape is edible and could be used as vegetable by eating raw or cooked.

The usages of garlic

Garlic bread
Garlic bread

As was mentioned above, garlic is very popular as spice of the spices list in almost kitchens. Garlic contains number of nutrients as Vitamin B6, C, essence, minerals and some other substances. However, with a little amount of serving, the nutritional value is not significant. It is mostly used to increase the flavor and aroma of the dishes, and used to make sauces.

There are some antioxidants in the garlic that could only promote when the cloves are crushed or sliced. However, not all of those substances affection would be maintained for long, so we must use it soon after crushing or slicing.

Garlic when using will be helpful as an antibiotic. It is also believed to reduce blood pressure, heart attack risk and cholesterol. To get the best result, we have to use a large amount of garlic and unfortunately, this spice causes bad odor to our breath and body, using large amount of it could seriously cause trouble. For that reason, perhaps garlic would be preferred as spice in the spices list more than medicine, isn’t it?

Garlic and religious

In the spiritual world, garlic was believed could prevent the evil power. In western culture, garlic is used to protect people from demon, werewolf and especially vampire. In eastern culture, this bulb is believed to keep people safe from the bad charms, or dark magic and evil.