Simple savory pancake for your nutritive breakfast

Simple savory pancake

In the list of healthy recipes, pancake is considered one of the types be loved in the most. There are many healthy recipes with pancake included sweet and savory pancakes to rich your menu. We have already a sweet pancake like honey pancake in the last article. And in this article, one of the simplest savory pancake is introduced as a small gift to you in the weekend.

Thanks to the chefs both professional and home chefs, they always make the passion of pancake to be active. That is the reason why we have the very rich healthy recipes with pancake to rich our menu for breakfast or lunch or dinner even. Pancake is simple to make. It takes not so much time for preparing. The ingredients for this healthy recipe are ready always in any kitchen.

Simple savory pancake is same with honey pancake one of the simplest sweet pancake. You can make it for your nutritive meal even if you are very busy. The ingredients in this simple recipe may be changed base on the things your kitchen has. The optional choice for ingredients is always suggested in the case you have some ingredients that are not same.

The point in the healthy recipes like simple savory pancake is that you know the way to control the ingredients and additional dishes to combine together. This way helps you to protect your healthy eating and contribute of course to your plan of eating in the positive way.

Prepared time: 15 minutes

Sever: 2 servings

  • 110gr whole wheat flour
  • 2 eggs at the room temperature
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • 1/3 teaspoon of unsalted butter
  • 200ml of low fat milk, unsweeted
  • 80 gr of onion sliced
  • 80 gr of mushroom sliced + a pinch of salt + 1/3 teaspoon of garlic chopped fine + vegetable oil (optional)
  • 1/3 teaspoon of black pepper spice
  • Non-stick frying pan in medium size or any size that you love to
  • Chili sauce to enjoy together with pancake (optional)
  • Simple salad like green lettuce salad with oil or simple fruit salad are suggested to be used this pancake type.
  • Crack the eggs into the bowl and beat them to make the white and yolks be mixed together. Add milk and then salt, after that sift the flour into the mixture and continue to beat them until the mixture be done well. In the end add black pepper spice.
  • In the case you use mushroom, you should fry them first for 5 minutes with garlic, a pinch of salt and vegetable oil. And you add this fried mushroom into the mixture of flour. Mix them well before frying pancake.
  • Heat the pan in the medium temperature and add the butter into the pan to be melted. Clean the pan before frying the pancake. The butter has its flavor, so I do not use the vanilla. Of course if you love to, you can add some.
  • Pour the mixture of flour and eggs, onion and mushroom (if you used it) into the pan, turn it after 1 minutes or when you see the surface of the pancake to turn to dry. And then let the pancake to be well done in 2 minutes or until it is done fine. Don’t let the pancake is over cooked, it will not soft.
  • Take the pancake out of the pan, and continue to fry the other pancakes till the end of the mixture.
  • Arrange the pancakes into a dish; place chili sauce and enjoy together. Use the simple salad if you have time to prepare or you love to balance the meal with more alkaline.