Seafood with some points for viewing

Boats for fishing

Restaurants attached with seafood in their menus have always fascinated people who come to enjoy. Some people who mention about going to restaurant – it means that they go out for have seafood. Or many people who have their habit to reward themselves with wonderful seafood dishes in every special occasion.

We have to accept that seafood is a source of food that not only rich in nutrients (especially protein) but also tasty in flavor. Seafood includes any form of edible aquatic life that is used as food by humans. They could be fish, shellfish, mollusk, crustacean or edible sea plant as seaweed and microalgae. This food source is used widely in the world and existed in the restaurants, except that some types are forbidden in some countries due to the culture and religion.

Without going out and coming to the restaurants, many people of us who love to experience the seafood at home in our kitchen. And the point is that not all know much about seafood even sometimes some people cannot call the right name of some types. It sounds so funny but it is true. So a short article with some words related to story of seafood may give you something to tell while enjoying or cooking, it must be a lovely factor to contribute to your plate to be more fascinated to others.

History of consuming seafood

Today we know about seafood is used widely in the local restaurants. Or there are many restaurants near us to serve the good dishes each day. The story of seafood seems to get attentions from us in the present more than the long history of it. It is said that the history of eating seafood was from very early, when humans lived as hunting-gathering lifestyle in different parts of the world. The evidences showed some ethnic groups that were popular of eating seafood such as Neanderthals, Mediterranean, Egyptians, the Roman and some others. Seafood at that time was mostly harvested wild, for people always moved from place to place. They used seafood as raw, dried, salted or even smoked. It sounds so interesting right?

And when people began to domesticate animals and plants, seafood became less prestigious (unfortunately), but it still was an important food source to human (luckily). By time, the understanding of eating seafood was improved. People reduce eating raw and undercooked to avoid the hazardous affection may cause. However, some countries still use raw seafood to serve, especially the famous sushi of Japan.

Seafood and seafood marketplace today

The reports related to seafood show that in the world today there are more than 4 million fishing vessels mainly in Asia and Africa. And there are more than 50 million people who are engaged in the fish production and aquaculture.

In many countries, fishery products are an important part in agricultural development. Fishery exports give the trade revenue higher than other rich products such as meat, rice etc.

In 1960s, the average it was count that, there was 161.7 pound of meat per capita in consumption while fish was in 10.7 pound only.  And now the consumption has been raised double and global production gained more than 70 million tons in 2014 and it is more than 100 million tons in 2016.

As above, there are the figures that sum up the seafood in our life. However it contains inside different stories. It is considered that the process with moving up and down of seafood for the long time gives us the new eye. Ocean is so wide and the rivers and springs are long with the plentiful source of food but it must undergo a strenuous journey more than our knowing. The fishmen must take the long journey to conquer the endless oceans with fill of mystery to gain the abundant seafood. The problem is not comfortable completely to catch fishes as they want. Now there are the laws related to catching seafood to protect the marine source. Beside, aquaculture is encouraged to be expanded as an important part of local agriculture.

So, the story with rich details is always outside the door of bustle seafood restaurants. Even the seafood marketplaces always contain the storms and wetness that are different completely from the elegant and art in culinary inside the restaurants’ lobby. Truly, there are more the interesting stories about seafood that may be told in the next articles. It is hoped that we will know more about it although we are out of the seafood restaurants’ door.