Shrimp – the most popular ingredient in the seafood menu


Seafood restaurant anywhere offers shrimp in different way of cooking. It is the easy ingredient for preparing. It is also the great food that is easy to eat. And people who are in all ages can enjoy it.

Shrimp is the type of seafood that could be used as food for human for a long time in the world. In the oceans, they are also the important food source to other animals.


In the seafood restaurant, shrimp is simple shrimp but it has itself the story. Shrimp is a common name and includes varieties types which could be different from areas. They are generally described as long body, ten thin fragile legs along the body, tail and covered by a shell which is called carapace.

The shrimp body includes two main parts: head and abdomen. It is covered by shell with the covers the head (known as carapace) is harder than the one of the abdomen. The shrimp two bulbous eyes could make the impression that they are separated from the head. There are two pairs of whisker from the shrimp head, one long pair and the other is shorter. These whiskers are compared with the antennae which could help the shrimp to orient (long whiskers) and assess the prey (short whiskers), and also help them to fell, taste, smell surrounding. The active of smelling and tasting is actually sampled the chemicals from the water. For the shrimp legs, the maxillipeds work as mouthparts, the other legs help them to swim and perch.

Shrimp swim forward as usual, but in an emergency situation, they could move backward rapidly by flexing their tails to avoid danger from enemies. This special movement even called caridoid escape reaction.

As food

From home kitchens to the seafood restaurants, you may see how much shrimp is popular in consuming. They are rich in types and many species of shrimp are used as food by human. They contain high level of calcium, protein and low in saturated fat. Shrimp also contain high level of cholesterol, the amount could be from 122 mg to 251 mg (depend on the method or serving) per 100 g. However, the low level of saturated fat makes the cholesterol when connect with other chemicals will become helpful to the circulatory system. And shrimp for those reasons are still considered healthy food.

In the seafood restaurant or the kitchens in the world, shrimp are mostly marketed as frozen whole or meat only. Some type especially freshwater shrimp could be sold fresh. Shrimp are used widely in thousands of recipes around the world. They could be cooked easily and quickly to delicious dishes from the home kitchens to the seafood restaurant. However they are also in the group of allergen foods, so we should be careful if we are used to be allergic.

Shrimp and prawn


Shrimp and prawn are considered as common name than scientific name. They are could be used differently by areas, but actually there is no clear distinction for these. Shrimp is abundantly and prawn could be considered as one type of them. When we use shrimp, it could be any type. Some of them are possibly inedible or are not used as food. But when we use prawn, it means edible crustacean surely. Prawn is usually used for large shrimps with commercial value especially in some areas as UK, Ireland and Commonwealth nations. In US this term is less popular, they use prawn for freshwater shrimp mainly.

In fact, it is not too serious to use shrimp or prawn, it depends on area. But the term prawn will be properly important if it is used commercially in business contracts.