Tamarind sauce – the sauce added in diabetic menus

Tamarind sauce

Diabetic recipes are richer more and more. There are different diabetic recipes created base on the nutritive knowledge and studies. However there are also the rich list of menu created and used with some ingredients by experience and tradition like tamarind. And in the diabetic recipes today, you sometimes may meet the tamarind reminded.

Although in the list of diabetic recipes, tamarind has not officially named as an obvious ingredient like some ingredients for diabetic menus by the evidences or studies given but it is believed to be an effective ingredient that is good for diabetes. In India and some countries in Asia, tamarind is popular spice to be used in culinary. It helps to create the new flavor of some dishes or contributes the sour to make the dishes to be more impressive. In some cases, the tamarind is used in stead of vinegar.

Tamarind has its different roles in the making the dishes and it always completes its role expected. In the history of food, tamarind was considered the ingredient like any type of food and spices. It had the long time for using. It was believed that the ancient people used tamarind as a natural medicine same with other spices existed. The parts of tamarind plant included leaves, fruit, flowers were used to cure fevers, sunstroke, laxative etc. Traditional medicine in some Asian countries arrange tamarind in the list of pharmaceuticals. Tamarind has its helpfulness to health and cure.

Science and modern medicine for diabetes still have a lot of research on healthy food and helpful ingredients in which there is tamarind. It is believed and hoped to be given the final result with the best effectiveness that tamarind can give.

While we are waiting for the obvious and official evidences to convince us about tamarind effects to diabetes, we can use tamarind as a healthy spice for our menu in which included diabetic menus base on the belief from traditional medicine.

And tamarind sauce with simple way in making will be a good choice for you to do. Tamarind sauce may be used to combine with salad, soup, and the dishes with sour flavor required. You can make this sauce and keep in the refrigerator to use for some days.

There are different ways to make the tamarind sauce. And one of them with simple way is to be your reference as below:

Prepared and cooked time: 25 min


Combine with salad recipes, stirred dishes, seafood, chicken breast meat, etc.


  • In 3 days in the condition of room temperature storage
  • Best before 1 week in the condition of refrigerator storage
  • 50gr ripe tamarind
  • ½ cup of hot water
  • 3 spoons of fish sauce (you can use a half of teaspoon of salt to 2/3 teaspoon of salt in the case do not use the fish sauce, increase or reduce the salt as your taste)
  • 2-3 spoons of sugar for diabetes
  • 1-2 teaspoon of chili sauce ( it is able to increase the chili sauce depend on your taste and your health circumstance permitted)
  • Tamarind be soaked in hot water about 10 minutes first.
  • After soaking about 10 minutes in hot water, the tamarind be sieved to remove their seed, you keep the ripe tamarind juice only.
  • Cook the tamarind juice with a deep pan and  add the fish sauce or salt, then sugar. The juice is boiled, lower the heat and add chili sauce in. Stir the mixture well and then turn off the stove.
  • Cooking the sauce, you can change the volume of tamarind juice, sugar and fish sauce or salt as your taste and your circumstance of health. It is so flexible and it depends on your flavor also. The sauce is thickness by itself thanks to the chili sauce, so you do not need the cornstarch to be added at all.