Drink list for you


Good drinks may contribute effectively to your health. Although we sometimes do not concern strongly about beverage but it is an important part of our life. To find out the good drinks for us in daily consuming, we should review the list of drinks or beverage with typical types. And the list again gives us the chance to determine what good drinks we should use to help our health to be better.

As mentioned in the last article Drink – do you concern about, there are 2 parts separated we have. They are non-alcoholic beverage (included water, milk, tea, coffee, soft drinks) and alcoholic beverage (such as wine, cider, etc).

  1. Non-alcohol beverage

Non-alcohol drink in this case gathers the typical type of beverage with alcohol free or less than 0.5 % of alcohol contained. The popular beverages are in the list such as:

  • Water

    It is as the main element in all drinks. It exists in different proportions depend on drink type. Although water is arranged in the list of soft drinks but it stands alone in this article to be easier in reviewing. And then there are different types of water such as:

    Well water: This is pure and natural water under the ground deeply. It is drilled into the ground for this source. It may be used directly if the hole drilled locates in the pure environment and uncontaminated position. If there is the doubt of uncontaminated situation, the sample of water needs to be tested. Beside the water from here should be filtered before using.

    Tap water: The water comes from the public system. And at the top of the supply, the water was tested and filtered before it runs to your tap or public faucet.

    Bottled water: the pure water bottling without any ingredients added. It may contain some permitted antimicrobial elements to make the water to be safe in consuming.

    Mineral water: the water has some mineral and trace elements from the origin source. It is found out that the natural spring water or mineral water has carbon dioxide like carbonated drinks but it is not arranged in this list officially because of the different proportion of carbon dioxide contained.

  • Soft drinks

Soft drinks are with the alcohol free or very low alcohol percentage or less than 0.5% of alcohol contained. It may arrange the drinks with typical features as above on this group such as:

Flavored water: the type is lightly flavored. It is sweetened and contains some additional ingredients. It is also non-carbonated type.

Carbonated drinks: they are one of the most popular soft drinks in the world; typically they are such as cola and soda. They have carbon dioxide dissolved.

Juice 100% and Juice drinks: Related to juice 100%, this is the fresh juice from fruit or vegetable or both without any ingredients added. While juice drinks contain different percentage of fresh and original juice.

Tea and coffee: these types contain caffeine. They themselves do not give calories but they may give some vitamin, minerals. There is specially the polyphenol in coffee and flavonoid in tea which are helpful to your health.

Milk: it is counted all cow milk in different types and also soy milk or almond milk etc. Milk commonly is rich in vitamins, minerals and even protein that are good for your health.

Sport drinks and energy drinks: there are different types of sport drinks and energy drinks. These types commonly provide additionally some vitamins and minerals. They help the body to recover quickly after physical activities.

Non-alcoholic mixed drinks: they are included punches with fruit; juice fruit; some non-alcohol drinks mixed together and non-alcohol cocktails.

Apple cider: it is called soft cider with the main ingredient which is apple. It is seasonal drink with different types and different ingredients added. Apple cider is distinctive with hard cider (high alcohol in percentage) as a type of alcoholic drink.

Non-alcoholic cocktails (or mocktails): there is the rich list of non-alcoholic cocktails. The types depend on the ingredients, local traditional drink and creation of the bartenders. Commonly the main ingredients in non-alcohol cocktails are included fruit, fruit juice and non-alcohol beverage (alcohol free or low alcohol or less than 0.5% of alcohol contained). There are some famous non-alcohol cocktails you may concern such as Arnold Palmer; Gunner; Lemon, lime and bitters; Tortuga etc.

2. Alcoholic drinks

Alcoholic drinks are easier to recognize than non-alcoholic one. Alcoholic beverage contain in it at least 2% of alcohol. There are some types may contain up to 40% and more of alcohol. There are existed there two main ways in the processing for alcoholic beverage such as fermented and distilled ways. And the popular alcoholic beverages are such as:

Beer: it is considered the most popular alcohol beverage consumed in the world. This is one of the fermented beverage with the main ingredients included cereal grains and barley.

Hard cider: it is also the fermented beverage from the fruit juice. There are three main sources for this type included apple juice, peaches juice and pear juice. However the apple juice is considered the most popular source for hard cider. Especially related to this type, it needs to distinguish with apple cider as a soft cider by the low alcohol contained.

Wine: it is also the fermented beverage with the main source is grapes. However there are different wines attached with other ingredients such as rice, apple, etc. They become wine such as rice wine or apple wine after the fermented process in the same way.

Spirits: there are different types such as brandy, gin, rum, soju, vodka, whisky etc. They are the distilled beverage and have different percentages of alcohol contained.

Liqueurs: liqueurs are the distilled beverages with 15 to 55% of alcohol contained. The types have sugar and flavor added. The list of liqueurs is so plentiful with all flavors such as coffee, crème, flower, herb, honey, fruit and nut etc.