Spice list in the world kitchen – aril, bulb and stigma spice group


Aril, bulb and stigma spice group may be considered the special group in the spices list. They have no much the types in the spices list.

Spices list sometimes make us to be interesting because the opposition of the spices contained in the group. The typical example is such as bulb with garlic and onion. They are so popular in the world kitchen while the stigma such as saffron which is considered the precious spice with the most expensive price in the spices list.

And related to aril, bulb and stigma spice group, there are some details for your reference as below:



In the spices list with aril, there is the only Mace as spice. It is from the covering of nutmeg seed. Mace is used with the dried form and ground. It gives the flavor as nutmeg seeds with the slight fragrance. Mace is used to add into the dishes such as baked recipes, roasted recipes, soups and sauces. It is seems to be same with peppercorn but with slighter and nicer flavor.


In the bulb type in the spices list, there are two most popular spices included garlic and onion. It seems these spices presents in all kitchens in the world.


Garlic is the most common spices in the spices list in the world. It is used in many recipes as a mandatory spice. Garlic is used mostly in the fresh form with thin sliced status, pounding status or finely chopped; or dried form as sliced and powder. It gives the strong and specific fragrance. There is the spicy flavor contained but it will be disappeared when it is cooked. In the case the fresh garlic is not used, the garlic powder may be the alternative.


Onion is same with the role of garlic in cuisine. This is the important spice in many recipes. Onion is used with the fresh form or dried form and the status is same with garlic.


Saffron is the only type in the spices list with stigma. It is considered the most expensive spice in the world. It is selected from the stigma from the flower of Crocus sativus by hand, then to be dried. Saffron spice gives the slight, sweet and wild fragrance as the hay fragrance, also the attractive dark orange color. This spice is used in make candy, cake, wine and some special recipes.

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