Onion – simple but powerful spice


Gather the onion, garlic and peppercorns which are the very popular spices in the spice list, you can make the new taste, burn the flavor  and change any hard situation in your kitchen. Onion is same with garlic and peppercorn, it is considered one of the most important spices in the spice list. If there is not onion, the world of spices and herbs may be no longer to be interesting.

Onion in the spice list is same with the main role in a play or a film. The onion is known as a spice in the spice list but it is also an great element like vegetable.

The time when people use onion and consumption of onion today

Onion field
Onion field

In the spice list, onion had its origin like garlic. The onion belongs to Allium family. It is considered to have the native from Asia and Middle East. This type was used popularly by the ancient Greeks, Romans. The onion was used strongly in India in 6th century as a natural medicine. In the Middle Ages, the onion was used in Europe. It was the great ingredient in European breakfast.

There were different details mentioned about onion in the human history such as the Egyptians used onion to pay the workers instead of currency in the time these workers who built the pyramids. The onion was a precious gift that hidden in the tombs of kings at that time. While to the poor, the onion was a golden source to inspire their meal by the pungent. The onion in the beginning of spice list, it was not only an element of food or spices or natural medicine, but also a sacred factor related to religion and belief of ancient people.

The onion was same with many types of food. It was followed the steps of Christopher Columbus in the path to explore the earth to West Indies and then it had become popularly in the other places. Nowadays the onion exists in over the world in all kitchens. According the statistics related to onion consumption applied by National Onion Association, there is more than 100 billion pounds of onion consumed per year in the world. Libya is the country where there is the highest consumption. And the leading countries where produce onion such as India, the US, Russian, China and Spain.

Onion nutritive value and benefits to human health

Onion flowers
Onion flowers

Onion in the spice list is very high valued by the rich nutrition. It is high in vitamin C, calories, fiber. The onion is rich also sodium and fat. Beside, it is cholesterol free. The onion contributes the flavor and may help to increase the nutritive value for the dish in which it is existed.

Onion may give the abundant effects to human health. It may contribute to the heart health. It is believed that the onion contains the sulfur compounds that may help to prevent the blood clots situation, lower the cholesterol, may help to balance the blood sugar. The onion is considered the element to give the anti-inflammatory benefits. And beside the onion may help to protect against some cancers such as colorectal cancer, ovarian cancer and laryngeal cancer.